Liberally Defined Meditation

I have heard it spoken from spiritual masters that once you attain a certain level of enlightenment all that you do is meditation. That enlightenment is foremost about being present and that meditation is the mastering , the practice of becoming present.  Meditation is liberation from thoughts that can lead one everywhere but the here […]

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The Queen of Cups

This tender queen appears in a spread to remind us of love attraction. She draws love to her by being more loving. She stands ready to receive with open arms.  She has prioritized learning the art of caring, sensing the needs of others. If she isn’t cautious she can become over run by the needs […]

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Uranus, The Planet of Genius

Uranus is where you find a person’s whack-a-do, where conformity is a painful crutch or decidedly impossible. The house and sign of your Uranus tells where you have vision, stifled or celebrated. This vision may not be celebrated in corporate America but it is in the humanitarian’s  drive.  When wielding the insight of Uranus you swing cherishing […]

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