Shadow Work

The shadow is an aspect of the self in which one feels shame or tries to hide either from the self and/or others. It is often projected onto others or we attract others who display the same shameful characteristic or emotional trouble. The shadow parts of ourselves are not something we gladly own in polite […]

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Why a reading that is karmic focused instead of fate focused.

Several years ago while out with friends I was introduced to a man who my friends thought I would gel with immediately. The idea was that we were much alike in that I was obsessed with astrology while he was rather masterful at palmistry. While I have no understanding of palmistry, I was curious about […]

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Liberally Defined Meditation

I have heard it spoken from spiritual masters that once you attain a certain level of enlightenment all that you do is meditation. That enlightenment is foremost about being present and that meditation is the mastering , the practice of becoming present. ┬áMeditation is liberation from thoughts that can lead one everywhere but the here […]

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