Scorpio Rising/Ascendant

There is one rising sign that is certain to evoke a reaction, Scorpio. This is because of the dual rulers of Scorpio, Pluto and Mars which in their nature demand your attention. Mars being the planets of passion, personal drive and masculine essence, and Pluto being the planet of shadows and personal/collective power is sure to startle those who engage with those that wear such qualities on their persona such a Scorpio rising. It may seem cliche to say that Scorpio risings seem intense but it just feels wrong not to notice this adjective works. The Scorpio rising looks upon the world and sees the darkness, power struggles and emotional challenges. The drive is to connect to the world in a deep, intimate and meaningful way.

The Scorpio rising leads and looks upon the world with passion, hungry to consume the hidden message of life and the way things work. What you hide they pursue, what others deem dark peaks their interest. Their reality, and what they deem from the environment isn’t always comfortable in polite conversation. The deeper feelings of a given topic of those speaking, the psychological scars and insecurities, the competitive condescending egos of those they engage will likely appear much larger in their perceptions than those of others. For this reason their social interactions can seem like a land mine of complex emotional experiences. The challenge is in not taking the intimacy issues of others in a personal manner. Until then they may struggle with and attract people and experiences which feel like a challenge to their personal power and boundaries. Evolved the Scorpio rising feels a sense of personal will power without context through complex self-awareness.

In the personal appearance Scorpio rising tends to be conscious of image as a ploy of strength. They are concerned that people can see what they see and are aware of how they might be deemed and prepare as though they might be judged by appearance, although there may be some paranoia involved. They will display power and/or sexuality and comfort with that which may be taboo. Examples being, Prince, Sigmund Freud, Katy Perry and Edgar Allen Poe.


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