Taurus Rising/Ascendant

Taurus being ruled by Venus lends itself to a rather pleasant demeanor as a rising sign. Yet, I don’t wish to pander or speak in absolutes so I will state why I find it pleasant. Taurus rising looks upon the world for the stabilizing and unifying element. It pulls from the environment that which grounds and comforts and also exudes what it seeks. The Taurus rising is geared toward sensual pleasure, in nature, in textile, in the self. Life is rich in physical meaning, the earth is to be experienced and savored with this ascendant. The Taurus persona embodies grounding practices that link the physical life to a sense of well-being and peace.

Taurus being a fixed sign can also get stuck in what it deems thriving. It can hold onto peace and stability to its own detriment, not open to innovation in habits and structures.  Which might not be so bad if they happened to settle on a way of doing things that are inclined to true emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Taurus rising can resist the unknown as it may disturb their idea of comfort.  With healthy expression of Taurus rising one’s perspective and taste evolve in what one deems quality.

The physical impression often lends itself to strength in the bone structure. Touch is vital in the relation to the world and is part of how the Taurus rising connects experience to the self.  This is often expressed in clothing that feels and looks particularly sensual on the body, fabric, cut and quality, examples being David Beckham,  Halle Berry, Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams.


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