Jupiter is the planet of expansion and belief. It tells how one might develop or what one needs in order to believe. Whether that process is through fire, earth, air or water and in what house of the natal chart it is actualized or experienced. Jupiter’s expansion is through experience and knowledge which is commonly misconstrued as mere luck. But I would have a hard time separating the expansion from experience and knowledge and allowing it merely to be luck. That so-called luck comes from a greater grasp on the “big picture” and how it functions. A high-functioning Jupiter believes it can see, and because it can see it moves in the direction of reality.

In transit Jupiter expands, or blows up what it touches. For some this feels like their moment arrival, the harvest of their efforts. Or it can feel like a shattering of what one has invested which doesn’t truly align with what they want or believe. Jupiter will help you dissemble your fragile life structure that isn’t working for you whether you are conscious of the problem or not.


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