There is that moment between sleep and awake where a dream is recalled, and felt with an inkling of belief that to understand the dream would be to a grasp some greater internal truth. Then all at once, as the rational mind is engaged the dream fades. It fades because the rational mind doesn’t belong in such a realm, this is the realm of Neptune. Neptune is held and grasp through liberty from the rational mind. It is where treads when in a creative and compassionate mind-set as well as in the throws of addiction. It can be both delusional and liberating, as one feels that there is something bigger and more meaningful than what they may discern. In the end it is the same just with different results, delusion, creative liberation and compassion are a path from the narrowness of the rational mind.

To consciously develop Neptune is an exercise of freeing oneself from the mundane thoughts. To overlook the self-centered ideas and feelings that are solely about the self. It is an exercise in connection to the collective emotional self, the law of inter-connectedness. To feel, sense and be apart of the collective mood can lead to a break from the ego, the rational and can also be painful but empowering. It is where great works of art come from, as inspiration to the artist, they step beyond mundane realty to creates something that speaks to the emotional existence of the whole, touching many. It is where compassion is developed as one sees and feels the pain of others and is moved to act, to ease the burden of others. It is where the addict is moved to reject a functioning life to chase the high that makes them feel connected to the divine. The divine, the true are beyond what we can speak, explain, or intellectualized, it must be felt and lived.

How Neptune is developed and explored can be determined through the birth chart. Where it falls in the birth chart and aspects that it makes can show the path to emotional liberation or delusion. It shows where one can feel impressionable to the energy of the collective. It shows where one must meditate on Neptune’s expression and actualization. To connect to more profound healing, feeling and spirituality. The sign of Neptune is the process in which it is brought to fruition. Through water it is through intimate understanding of the emotional nature. In fire it is in enacting a sort of performance or demonstration. Air Neptune is socially conscious and must be vocal and socially active to be actualized. Earth Neptune is grounded in the task of pragmatic practice and service to the collective.


2 thoughts on “Neptune

  1. Blue
    Songs are like tattoos
    You know I’ve been to sea before
    Crown and anchor me
    Or let me sail away
    Hey Blue
    And there is a song for you
    Ink on a pin
    Underneath the skin
    An empty space to fill in
    Well there’re so many sinking
    Now you’ve got to keep thinking
    You can make it thru these waves
    Acid, booze, and ass
    Needles, guns, and grass
    Lots of laughs
    Lots of laughs
    Everybody’s saying that hell’s the hippest way to go well
    I don’t think so, but I’m
    Gonna take a look around it though Blue
    I love you
    Here is a shell for you
    Inside you’ll hear a sigh
    A foggy lullaby
    There is your song from me

    Could have been dedicated to the planet Neptune by Joni Mitchell – who apparently has studied
    a smattering of Astrology

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