Mercury Retrograde, Tarot’s The Magician Reversed

There is much to know about Tarot’s the magician and the high priestess cards when Mercury goes retrograde. ┬áMany would note a feeling of having their will stunted. It’s as if things have gone topsy turvy. This is the shortcoming of the magician, as he is only the first card in the fool’s journey, he […]

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Aquarius, The Revolutionary, Happy Birthday

No other sign seems so inclusive as Aquarius. With open arms and like no other sign, Aquarius will recognize another as part of their community, group or counter-culture. They really groove on the eclecticness of their social circle. They seem to know that if we all celebrate our own individuality, the whole will be stronger. […]

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Liberally Defined Meditation

I have heard it spoken from spiritual masters that once you attain a certain level of enlightenment all that you do is meditation. That enlightenment is foremost about being present and that meditation is the mastering , the practice of becoming present. ┬áMeditation is liberation from thoughts that can lead one everywhere but the here […]

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Capricorn, The Father of the Zodiac, Happy Birthday!

Winter is no joke! The days of resting leisurely outside or snacking on fresh picked berries are things only existing on the other side of the equator. Dealing with the elements of winter requires diligence and planning. ┬áSurvival is a strategic feet and nobody understands this better than Capricorn. Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, is […]

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