Scorpio, A Birthday Love Note


I must admit, for a time I only dated Scorpios and all of my closest friends were Scorpios. Needless to say it was pretty intense! I felt Scorpios were the only ones who could understand my intensity. I still pal around with some pretty intense Scorpio types and those closest to me might not be all Scorpio but they still have Scorpio heavy in their charts. It is the thread through all closest to me. This isn’t meant as pandering because Scorpio isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I love  that Scorpio never tells me to lighten up!

I have the eye for Scorpio, they some times look some what inhuman, beyond human, with a dip in their top lip, and deep eyes. Scorpio has a special brand for intimacy. When they care you feel it  physically. They don’t let you in easily, you must slowly be included into their realm where they will allow you to see them vulnerable, emotional. Once in, you can become privy to their wealth of emotional wisdom.

There are the negatives or the shadow of Scorpio, jealously, defensiveness,  manipulation  and generally taking things much to personally. These things seem to come about from fear of vulnerability, lack of trust. No one comes into this life  master of their mission and Scorpio’s quest into understanding the transformational powers of being naked, exposed and weak isn’t an easy one, It requires getting hurt. Hurt by everything until they learn to not take things personally in every context.

Yet when things are deep and dark I want Scorpio by my side. They won’t flinch, they won’t look away, they will know I am vulnerable and they will understand what to do. They understand how a momentary rejection hits deeper than the moment, that it speaks to a pool of deep emotions formed through my personal history of feeling sensitive. It’s not always being sensitive! This isn’t to cry or complain because that same sensitivity for myself and other Scorpio types is also our power and strength. It gives nuanced perception.

This nuanced perception can be used for greater understanding of the undercurrents of life, situations or people. I get choked up thinking about how much I love this about you Scorpio! Thanks for being my friend Scorpio, loving you deeply, happy birthday xxoo.





5 thoughts on “Scorpio, A Birthday Love Note

      1. We Rock!!! 🙂

        I think you may find interesting my definition of the non-Time-Bound, Multi-Dimensional Zodiacal Sign ‘The Annihilator’. It is specifically for those with 1st House Pluto. 🙂

  1. I love the Scorpios too and I’m Scorpio Rising – isn’t it funny how you just gravitate towards each other – most of my friends and lovers are Scorpio – there’s a depth of understanding between us that goes unspoken xx

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