Uranus, The Planet of Genius

Uranus is where you find a person’s whack-a-do, where conformity is a painful crutch or decidedly impossible. The house and sign of your Uranus tells where you have vision, stifled or celebrated. This vision may not be celebrated in corporate America but it is in the humanitarian’s  drive.  When wielding the insight of Uranus you swing cherishing […]

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The First House in Astrology

” It’s always a gamble when you get a face.” Richard Hell   Persona is more then what is on the outside it is how the others see you. Feel a disconnection from your persona and you are likely to suffer from  an identity crisis. To have awareness of how you are perceived gives you the […]

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Learning Tarot

Time and life changes are the greatest tools in learning Tarot. A daily draw of cards has been my profound resource for gaining wisdom through and with Tarot. While gaining knowledge from those who’ve walked the Tarot path before is wonderful and enlightening nothing beats comparing the cards to your own actual experiences.  Exercises that promote […]

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Healing with The Emperor

 “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”  Carl Jung  I love this time of year, with shorter days and the Sun in Scorpio, to examine my shadow side.  To explore the sides of myself that are private even to myself most of the time.The things that helped […]

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Born Under a Bad Sign

A bit of a pet-peeve for me is the fatalistic fortune teller. Yes, some card readings can speak of difficult times. Yes, some charts tell a story of pain, loss and confinement. None the less, telling someone or even worse believing for yourself that things are hopeless is pointless and damaging. Using astrology and tarot […]

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