Tarot’s The Hierophant V


“Ew yuck, what could be worse than the Hierophant?” was my friend’s response upon finding out that her life path card was The Hierophant. I had to laugh but also felt the compelling need to defend the powerful traditions of the Hierophant. So you don’t like tradition, or the conservative, or the opinions of the masses, but you probably admire someone somewhere.  That someone who embodies the ideal qualities of a vast organization. People or persons who are living the dream, who have what you want.

My Hierophant is the Dalai Lama. He may not be perfect as an individual but he does embody the higher qualities of the organization he represents. He has implemented the tried and true disciplines, standing as a symbol of all that we can achieve. What is achieved is achieved through implementation of wisdom acquired through the ages, through the efforts of the group rich in traditions that give results.


Why try to blindly forge a path when many have already figured out the way? Isn’t it better to learn from others who have already covered such ground? Can we trust that the mass of humanity has already come up with some methods worth honoring?

If you don’t like the overtly religious example of The Dalai Lama you can look to any group of people who already have what you want. There is a reason why the book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, sold so well, it is because on some level we all know that success requires discipline, this is why we respect success. We can learn from the disciplines of those  who have already achieved.


Tarot’s The Hierophant says to examine tools and structures, figure out what yields growth needed in your life. What has worked for many may work for you. Tried and tested and showing results. You can have your own personality within the discipline. You don’t have to be one of the characters in, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, or be The Dali Lama to see understanding that some of their practices could work for you.

Draw The Hierophant enough and you will automatically turn to those structures and archetypal figures that work for you. You will have a working discipline in place. You are well on your way to the rewards that those you admire possess.

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One thought on “Tarot’s The Hierophant V

  1. Tarot cards are really interesting things, I tried some online tarot card reading once, i dont know if they say it to every one but the things they told me were not very inaccurate 🙂

    The funny part is to test the site i did it quite a few times, over a period of three days then got bored but the readings were more or less similar if not same.

    The point is, we both know they keep secret tabs so…

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