Tarot’s The High Priestess II


You were born into species with 160,000 years of history, on a planet that is more than 4 billion years old, in a universe that is believed to have existed 13 billion years, you were born into a legacy of powerful survival.  This scope is spectacular to contemplate to the rational mind but its’ real wonder is felt in instinct.  Every moment of against the odds survival for your species, every moment of the earth’s wonderful evolution led up to this moment in your life. The moment when you came across Tarot’s The High Priestess.

The High Priestess wants you to shush. She wants you to connect to the magnitude of instinct. The strongest elements of survival and a connection to something greater don’t come from chatter or busy work but from silence. You can’t hear that innate voice of instinct among jibber jabber. When a baby is born it doesn’t need to be told to reach for the teet. This is the inherited wisdom of survival of mammals. The baby just knows this is the right thing to do. Yet as we age we can feel a disconnect to the voice of instinct. There becomes a path filled with emotions and logic. We can loose touch with the wisdom of the inner voice. We forget how to trust that voice that led us to our mother’s breast. That voice ingrained in us from a heritage of unfathomable survival.

When we hear people recalling chances paying off there is commonly a statement of, ‘something just told me it was the right thing to do, it was a crazy idea but I had to do it!’.  It is as if people having this experience at once connected to a higher purpose. A true purpose, through an inner voice. They broke the mold and survived and thrived by connecting to a much bigger picture. A bigger picture that can be trusted much better than a merely subjective experience.  As if acting on an innate gift.

The High Priestess knows that we all have this gift. That we were all born with a gift of divine connection, it is everyone’s birthright. We can all tap into a bigger picture that resides within. We tend to get lost in to many details in life, we don’t listen. We want to be heard. We do without trusting. We lose touch with the legacy of instinct.

Tarot’s High Priestess says be still and let the legacy lead. Let the inner voice come back to you. The voice is trying to show you the way, the voice is the way to your higher purpose. Advise and concerns need to put aside when The High Priestess appears. The mundane will only lead to more mundane. You need to feel your spiritual strength. You need to trust yourself. You need to trust that you are a part of a Universe that more 13 billion years old, a planet that is 4 billion years old and an evolving species that has made it 160,000 years. You are that accumulation of wisdom of instinct. The answers come about your next step in life after a delay. A delay to reestablish self-trust. To feel yourself in spiritual and instinctual context. To feel yourself as part of the whole, you are it and it is you.


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