Tarot’s The Hierophant V

“Ew yuck, what could be worse than the Hierophant?” was my friend’s response upon finding out that her life path card was The Hierophant. I had to laugh but also felt the compelling need to defend the powerful traditions of the Hierophant. So you don’t like tradition, or the conservative, or the opinions of the […]

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Tarot’s The Emperor IV

All week I struggled with The Emperor. I put him aside with the plan to write a bit about him later but he was pulled daily, mostly by myself for my one card draw. He came up in my personal life as I pondered  what it means to be paternal. It has been an ever […]

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Tarot’s The Empress III

What do you call your baby? That something that evokes a feeling of tenderness. There is something that a The Empress is telling you to nurture. All that we want to see physically actualized, that which gives us joy in living here on Gaia, is the lesson of The Goddess Empress. She is the mother […]

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Tarot’s The Magician I

The Magician has found himself in a world full of potential and resources.  He may have just begun his journey but he has become keenly aware of the nuances of his abilities. What lies ahead and how he may handle himself are the questions he ask when facing his open path. When The magician comes […]

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Tarot’s Moon Card 18

There is no place like home, there is no place like home. What if you have no home? Home is a place living in the emotional memory. It’s hard to name what home is but we all know it when we feel it. We all live it when we repeat emotional habits throughout our lives. […]

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