My Chiron Return

As a child I had a fever dream of being Atlas without his strength, the earth crushing my body. The horror of the dream woke me with screams that would rival that of Janet Leigh. My Chiron return has left me with a similar kind of horror. There is no way out and there is […]

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The Devil Tarot Card.

   The Devil card is trying to draw your attention to what has become corrupt in the mind body and spirit. The poison in your soul is wrecking havoc on your life and maybe you’ve become so accustomed to it that you’ve hardly noticed. You’ve come to accept less than what you could be through […]

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Here’s How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re acquainted with your zodiac sign, chances are you’re familiar with how they can be used for guidance in everything from career moves to your love life. But, the same personality traits of each sign can also be used to create a stunning holiday display. Whether you’re looking to incorporate festive cheer to your […]

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The Queens of Tarot

The four queens come into their power by an understanding of an innate quality. They are introspective and self-aware. The Queen of wands has a passionate nature, she is feminine fire actualized . Demonstrative, creative and bold The Queen of coins has found her niche in understanding the nuanced nature of health and well-being. Regimented, […]

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On the Mystic Path

Often I am met with the assumption that I am a witch and I feel the need to own how I identify, as a mystic.  The difference is that a witch, from my understanding wishes to shape their reality through will, while the mystic wishes to be shaped by ultimate reality. There is a fine […]

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Gemini Rising/Ascendent

Gemini rising possesses one of my personal favorite traits, curiosity. They tend to look out upon the world and see it as the rich mecca of knowledge and ideas, which it is. Yes they can get bored as the need for stimulation is high, but they themselves are never boring. Being a mutable sign ruled […]

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Mars works for the ego. It is selfish and direct in its notions and objective. It is how and where passions and style of serving the ego will act. When engaged it moves with swift intent, ignited and willful. Its voice rings of I want, I desire and I must have. To stand in its […]

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Scorpio Rising/Ascendant

There is one rising sign that is certain to evoke a reaction, Scorpio. This is because of the dual rulers of Scorpio, Pluto and Mars, demand your attention. Mars being the planets of passion, personal drive and masculine essence, and Pluto being the planet of shadows and personal/collective power is sure to startle those who […]

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Taurus Rising/Ascendant

Taurus being ruled by Venus lends itself to a rather pleasant demeanor as a rising sign. Yet, I don’t wish to pander or speak in absolutes so I will state why I find it pleasant. Taurus rising looks upon the world for the stabilizing and unifying elements for creating a feeling of stability and peace. […]

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The Hanged Man key 12

This is one of those cards where people wince when it is turned over, until I point out the lack of duress demonstrated by the character on the card. It is actually a card that demonstrates the need for a pregnant pause to gain  perspective, something that validates a timely tarot reading. The Hanged Man […]

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